DALLAS, TX / October 14, 2022 / Gold River Productions, Inc. (OTC PINK:GRPS) (“GRPS”) (http://www.transamaqua.com) (D/B/A Trans American Aquaculture) announced today an initial six figure broodstock purchase order from Union De Fincas Camaroneras (UNIFINCA S.A.) of Honduras. The order represents an initial order from the company and the country of Honduras.

Broodstock are the mating shrimp and are an integral part (either in-house or contracted) of any shrimp farm or indoor recirculating system anywhere in the world. According to third party sites and discussions with Union De Fincas Camaroneras (UNIFINCA S.A.), the current estimated annual PL production of UNIFINCA S.A is 360 – 400 million per month or 2.5 billion per year. These PL’s are estimated to produce anywhere from 1.25 billion to 2 billion shrimp per year. The broodstock that are the subject of this purchase order are mated in laboratories under pristine conditions to produce PL’s that mature into disease-free world-class shrimp.

Union De Fincas Camaroneras (UNIFINCA S.A.) will use Trans American’s broodstock to continue to grow its annual post larvae business. Post larvae shrimp are baby shrimp (typically a few weeks old). Post larvae shrimp are then sold to shrimp farms and recirculating aquaculture systems (also known as RAS such as publicly traded Natural Shrimp). UNIFINCA currently employs about 120 people in Honduras and is expanding their sales channels in many countries besides Honduras. Interested parties can visit websites such as https://www.megasupply.net/casos-de-exito/unifinca and https://www.grupodagustin.com/the-group/laboratorio-union-de-fincas-camaroneras to learn more about the company and its operations.

Trans American is currently working on closing orders from Egypt, China and North America and all sales are now in the contract phase. These PL and Broodstock orders represent potential significant upside from our previous revenue guidance for 2023 and 2024 as reflected in our previous press release.

Adam Thomas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trans American Aquaculture commented, “Although our shareholders are just beginning to recognize the magnitude of what we are doing, this order should begin to shine the light. This is one initial order from one country secured by a fifty percent deposit upfront to process the order.”

Mr. Thomas continued, “We have only been public for a few weeks, but we are already noticing a buzz about our company. We encourage everyone to view the websites we have provided links to in this press release as it is our goal to become one of the more transparent small public companies in North America. This in line with our plans to up list.”

Trans American Aquaculture, which recently went public through a reverse merger transaction with Gold River Productions, Inc. continues to see trends confirming an increasing demand for its broodstock and PL’s from major aquaculture players including companies in Africa, Central America, Asia, India, and companies throughout North America.

About Trans American Aquaculture

Trans American Aquaculture produces premium quality, farm-raised white shrimp, 100% free of antibiotics and hormones, and cultivated using safe and sustainable practices.

Using decades of experience in the shrimp aquaculture industry, our products are grown with our superior technology and our proprietary genetics which results in a superior fresh product always grown in the United States. For more information, please visit http://www.transamaqua.com

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