Our Technology

Based on 10 decades of aquaculture industry experience, Trans American Aquaculture uses proprietary genetics, superior technology, and best aquaculture practices to create a superior shrimp product produced in the U.S.A in the great State of Texas.

Our company is at the forefront of producing superior genetics for sustainable shrimp aquaculture operations. Our shrimp’s life cycle begins with our carefully selected and controlled broodstock. Another name for broodstock is the breeder shrimp. These are the best of the best mature shrimp, superior in size and disease resistant which are placed in a nursery at optimum times. The broodstock are the mating shrimp. TAA has developed our own genetic lines that are superior to other genetic lines and our broodstock have a long track record of outstanding growth results while being disease resistant. The broodstock mate and several weeks later, tiny shrimp the size of a fraction of an eyelash are born. These baby shrimp are called post larvae. The baby shrimp are placed in nursery tanks to become acclimated to water temperature, salinity, oxygen levels, water flow and other attributes to our system for about 30 days. Slowly, the levels of salinity are increased and at the same time, the PL’s are fed a very high protein diet to maximize the growth rate for the first 4 weeks.

For another 16-18 weeks, the shrimp are then placed in our acres of grow out water systems to ultimately grow out our shrimp to the desired market size. Amount of feed, salinity, bacteria levels, water temperature and water flow are all controlled on a daily basis to maximize the optimum grow environment for our shrimp. We do not use and will never use hormones or antibiotics as part of the Trans American way of life.

The optimization of the water systems and maintaining the correct balances also optimizes the growth rate which affects the overall profitability of our system.
We are one of 4 companies in the United State and Canada that controls our own broodstock, post larvae shrimp and our shrimp which are grown out to various sizes for human consumption. These capabilities create three separate revenue streams compared to many companies, even public companies that have zero control over their genetics. That means we are able to generate revenues 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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