10 lb. Bag U12 Count Shell-On Raw HeadOn White Shrimp


These shrimp are antibiotic free and shipped raw and frozen to best preserve their freshness. Thaw shrimp before cooking. For best results, place shrimp in a colander and let them thaw overnight, or for 8-10 hours. To thaw the shrimp quickly, rinse shrimp under running water for about 20 minutes or until thawed. Do not use hot water. Once the shrimp are thawed, you can then cook them your desired way! Steam, grill, boil, or sautee them until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Add your favorite sauce or seasoning and serve! Not only are these shrimp convenient and delicious, they are rich in protein and key nutrients, as well as low in calories. For a versatile menu item guaranteed to please, try these shrimp!

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These 4 lb. shell on shrimp come with 16-20 shrimp per pound so you have plenty of shrimp to serve your patrons! These shrimp are perfect for steaming to serve in a seafood bucket at your seafood-serving establishment! You can also toss them in a spicy Asian stir fry or cheesy Italian pasta dish! With a mild seafood flavor, these shrimp complement and enhance a variety of dishes and flavor profiles. You can also leave the shell on during the cooking process to evoke a deeper flavor!



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